Clubs chosen by the extraordinary senses of professional golfers

There are legend-like stories of being able to distinguish a mere difference of 1g in club weight, but even an amateur golfer with keenness can notice differences of 2 to 3g.

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The best of the best technology from the world’s finest forging factory

It is evident the pursuit of making them the best as they can be has created remarkable improvement in performance when viewing in the long-term.

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Fitting performance that aligns with the trend for increased distance

With this in mind, PROTO-CONCEPT has developed the C01D in pursuit of the functions necessary for more golfers to gain distance.

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Why pros did not use irons that "drive far and do not slant" in the Olympic games

The summer Olympic games was held amid the pandemic. Golf also created quite an excitement in Japan as its leading players were playing well. 

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Proto-C is a collaborative effort between the Endo forging house and the Golf Partner executive ownership group. Golf Partner is the largest golf retailer in the world. It boasts nearly 400 retail locations and 550,000 in-stock clubs. It’s something like the Japanese equivalent to Starbucks but for golf equipment.

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