The repulsion coefficient and forged cup faces

The compression and decompression of clubfaces was capped by the rules in 2008. The rules are referred to as the SLE (Spring-Like Effect) rules because of the "springing back" function of the face.

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Spin performance is about pursuing control

Many wedges hailed as masterpieces were also one of a set of irons at the time. Even wedges such as the Lynx Master Model, Ping EYE2 and the J's series that were so highly rated that many professionals used only the wedge, were also part of the irons package.

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What are the functions that are truly essential for irons?

It has been several years since super distance-carrying 7-irons appeared in the market, where their loft angles are much trimmed than 30 degrees and stronger.

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Introducing FORGED IRONS

Introducing innovative forged irons from PROTO-CONCEPT suited for all golfer

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Our Thoughts – Official PROTO-CONCEPT (Golf Club Brand) Site

The "PROTO" in PROTO-CONCEPT is an abbreviation for PROTOTYPE.

A prototype is a unique piece of work that incorporates all functions, materials and techniques possible at the moment before mass production of a product.

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