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All for ball control

Forged Wedge Technology

Ultimate sole bounce theory stripped of everything but elements essential for ball control

Wedges come in an extensive array of shapes for the different types of golfers there are today. There seems to be a natural increase in the variety of shapes given the diversity of golfer personalities.
PROTOCONCEPT designed with the exact opposite concept in mind to determine what elements are truly needed for ball control.
All factors that inhibit ball control have been removed, with only the truly necessary and essential functions left, for the ultimate sole bounce.
The FORGED WEDGE satisfies all three key elements for wedges - backspin rate, launch height, and ball speed, as imagined by the player for excellent ball control.
Golfers will surely come across a shape that is easy to maneuver among the three sole shapes that consolidate the sole bounce function.

Yasufumi Kawasaki

The three characteristics

Three sole shapes to accommodate all swing types

Engineered based on thorough research on the approach styles of golfers, the number of sole variations were narrowed down to three to accommodate all swing types—STANDARD, WIDE SOLE, and CUT DOWN.

Further improve your performance by selecting the sole that best suits your hitting style.

Soft iron forging in the highest quality

To attain innovative sole bounce, this wedge is manufactured in the world’s best forging factory. PROTOCONCEPT eliminated product errors and pursued uniformity of shape and quality.

Together with the quality and precision that far exceed that of ordinary products, the wedge also delivers good feel and ball retention that only superior forging can provide.

Face Dot Milling that demonstrates spin performance under tough conditions

While being a forging method, the number of processes for precision face score line forging has been increased to achieve greater precision than machining with general engraving.

It has a volume ratio and groove radius just within the rules. In addition, the newly developed Face Dot Milling produces consistent spin under challenging lies and poor weather conditions.

Sole variations

The sole bounce of the wedge has infinite variations.
PROTOCONCEPT analyzed all types of swings and has developed three types of sole shapes to cover all.


  • The ultimate in the name of standard
  • Delivers maximum sole bounce effect

The exclusively designed “R” sole and its sole design maximizes the bounce effect of this model.
This design allows players with a relatively acute angle of incidence to feel comfortable contact with the sole and to hit the ball on the face without the sole coming off too much.
On deep rough and soft bunkers, you will feel forgiveness from the sole’s bounce effect the most.


  • Hit all lies with forgiveness
  • Demonstrates high sole bounce effect even in bunkers and deep lies


  • Good at having hands forward with strong awareness of hitting at impact.
  • Golfers with an acute angle of incidence and low ball launch image


An innovative wide sole that provides gliding feel and forgiveness

The innovative “R” sole and the combined sole design of sole width and sole height provide this model with maximum forgiveness.
Players with obtuse angles of incidence can feel the gliding feel of the sole without bouncing or biting. This model provides a moderate sole bounce effect in the full shot area and encourages an automatic-feeling approach for short approach shots.


  • Provides sole bounce effect on all lies
  • Demonstrates high sole bounce effect on hard ground and sunken turf


  • Golfers with obtuse angle of incidence and strong awareness of hitting off the ball
  • Golfers with a high image of the ball launch height with the shaft position near vertical at impact, golfers with fluffy ball flight


Boldly grinded sole allows for a variety of approaches

The sole shape demonstrates bold grinding and leaves only the effective portion of the
sole, creating a variety of approach shots. A unique sole bounce effect is set up so that the feel of the sole does not change or intensify when the face is opened. This sole design allows players to easily control the launch angle and ball speed while changing the grip position, and to feel the ball ride on the face.
It can also be used for low spin shots with the ball positioned to the right, short lob shots in the middle, and full-lob shots to the left, and is highly adaptable to a variety of shots, allowing you to use the most techniques.


  • A shape that responds to the way you hit the ball depending on conditions, effectively utilizing the sole bounce effect under all lies


  • Golfers who want to control ball flight quality by using various hitting methods and techniques
  • Golfers who want a good release but also want the right bounce effect