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Our Story

PROTOCONCEPT: Innovating Golf Since 2019

PROTOCONCEPT is a golf head parts brand foundedĀ in Japan in 2019, dedicated to怀pursuingĀ innovation and excellence. Leveraging the world'sĀ top forging technology and cutting-edge怀technology,Ā PROTOCONCEPT manufactures high-quality golf heads.

Our Philosophy

The "PROTO" in PROTOCONCEPT stands for PROTOTYPE. A PROTOTYPE is a trial version of a product created with all possible functions, materials, techniques, etc., before mass production. For instance, automakers reveal concept cars (PROTOTYPES) at events like the Detroit Motor Show to showcase innovations, even though these aren't typically for sale.

Similarly, high-performance PROTOTYPES crafted for pro golfers are later adjusted for mass production for amateurs.

PROTOCONCEPT defies this norm, delivering top-quality golf clubs in their PROTOTYPE form to honor the master model's essence. This philosophy is the core of the brand's mission.

World-class Forging Technology

PROTOCONCEPT's heads are forged by a forging company in Japan. While typical forging can lead to variations due to polishing, PROTOCONCEPT employs the world's top-notch precision forging technique, capable of manufacturing high-precision parts like automotive components.

A company renowned for its precision manufacturing techniques produces heads with almost perfect precision, resulting in minimal variation and consistently high quality.