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Important Notice: Authenticity and Authorized Sales Channels for PROTOCONCEPT Products

Thank you for choosing PROTOCONCEPT products.

PROTOCONCEPT brand products are sold at authorized dealers and online stores, and we prohibit sales of clubheads only to customers through any of these sales channels.

This is because PROTOCONCEPT products are intended to be used as clubs that best suit the golfing style of each golfer, and we are committed to assembling each club for each of our customers by controlling weights and angles through in-person fittings in stores.

We have recently been made aware of clubheads being auctioned online.

PROTOCONCEPT does not approve of such products, and any of their aspects are thus not guaranteed, including their performance.

In addition to online auctions, we have also confirmed products being sold at locations that are not authorized PROTOCONCEPT dealers.

Given the possibility of counterfeit PROTOCONCEPT product (hereinafter referred to as “counterfeit”) distribution, all authorized dealers and our official online stores will manage serial numbers starting from new products released in 2023 so that our customers can purchase PROTOCONCEPT products with even greater peace of mind.

If a purchase at an authorized dealer or official online store cannot be confirmed for a product, we will consider the product to be a counterfeit or unauthorized product. We will not provide product warranty or respond to any inquiries for such products, even if the clubhead is new and unused.

PROTOCONCEPT is not responsible for any damage caused by a customer’s use of a clubhead suspected to be a counterfeit or unauthorized product.

To avoid purchasing a counterfeit or unauthorized product, please purchase from authorized sales channels, including stores and online stores listed in the list of locations recognized as authorized dealers by PROTOCONCEPT.

For international sales outside the U.S., serial numbers are assigned by country to prevent parallel importing.