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The world’s finest forging factory


UK Authorized Store


The PROTOCONCEPT irons provide an unmatched experience that surpasses all expectations for a forged iron. Their incredible feel and performance will fulfill all your golfing desires. With exceptional performance and tight tolerances, these irons set a new standard for precision and consistency.

Scott Gourlay - Founder & Managing Director.

SWEDEN Authorized Store


Since we started working with PROTOCONCEPT, we've noticed that it's a product that truly stands out. When it comes to performance and feel, it ranks at the top among all the brands we work with. Additionally, its stunning aesthetics are remarkable. Moreover, the availability of models suitable for all types of golfers makes it easier for us to find the right model and specs for each player.

Andre Barno - COO

UK Authorized Store


Proto Concept have managed to maintain the consistency and soft feel of the high quality forging whilst adding in materials to the head which help off-centre performance - something very few others have the capability to achieve, let alone without compromising both flight and feel. These are great quality components and a true pleasure to work with.

Simon Cooper - Co-Owner 

USA Authorized Store

Fairway Jocky

Amazing! Thank you mate! We love your products

Wadeh Maroun - SVP eCommerce - GM