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Article: Effective line-drive trajectory created by ease of swing

Effective line-drive trajectory created by ease of swing

Effective line-drive trajectory created by ease of swing

In 2008, revisions on the rules determined that the clubhead volume of drivers can be no greater than 460cc. This put a stop to the rapid trend of upsizing driver head sizes at that point.

Protoconcept Golf Club, distance and forgiveness,

However, many drivers since then have evolved by having the head thinner and longer in the rear to achieve the same effect as creating a larger head while maintaining the 460cc volume.

While larger heads are advantageous in terms of distance and forgiveness, the driver is now by far the most difficult club to maneuver because the center of gravity of the head has become farther. Compared to other clubs, a driver with a longer shaft and farther center of gravity of the head exerts a stronger centrifugal force, and displays greater head behavior during swings.

Efforts to master these types of drivers have created so many changes over the past 10 years or so that even swing theory has undergone dramatic changes.

As a result, more golfers now feel they have difficulty with drivers or feel when they are doing good with drivers, they experience difficulty with irons. Many people also struggle with the driver yips, feeling extreme difficulty with drivers only and being unable to swing comfortably, compared to when those types of golfers were rare back in the days of persimmon drivers.

Tour pros are using the latest swing theory and trained power to attain perfect command over these newest driver models to strike great gains in distance. We amateurs wish we could do the same, but the reality is that many people, especially long-time golfers, are unable to take control of these large drivers.

Distance and Forgiveness, Protoconcept Golf, C01D Driver

PROTOCONCEPT follows the concept of honing the golfer's senses and making the most of them. We found that the important theme when developing drivers was to allow golfers to swing more comfortably, and to be able to feel and control face rotation.

Distance and Forgiveness C01D Driver PROTOCONCEPT Golf

The C01D driver PROTOCONCEPT developed as a result features a forged titanium face that uses innovative technology, and strongly focuses on a design that enables effective trajectory for golfers to swing comfortably and capture the ball firmly.

The head shape, which is neither excessively long nor too shallow back, makes it easy to feel the center of gravity of the clubhead from when addressing the ball and to control the orientation of the face when swinging.

As a tool, the performance demonstrated when used by a human being should be important for a golf club. With head behavior that is easy to stabilize during swings, the C01D is surprisingly easy to swing through and capture the ball at its core.

The ball can be swung through to the finish for more impact and bites the ball more. The highly maneuverable head draws out more power and speed from the user, resulting in an effective trajectory with low spin for great distance.

Distance and Forgiveness, C01D Driver PROTOCONCEPT Golf

Human golfers are not swing robots.

The easier the club is to swing through, the faster the head speed will be, and the more refined the sensation of capturing the ball will be. The C01D's performance can be further enhanced by selecting a shaft that better suits you through the fitting process.

Yasufumi Kawasaki

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