The best of the best technology
from the world’s finest forging factory

When producing golf clubs, manufacturers conduct extensive research and put a lot of thought to incorporate unprecedented concepts. It is evident the pursuit of making them the best as they can be has created remarkable improvement in performance when viewing in the long-term.

The performance of a club is largely determined by the ideas and design concepts of the manufacturer, but in addition, PROTO-CONCEPT paid attention to the companies that do the actual manufacturing. As you may know, there is almost no golf club manufacturer that you are familiar with that is also responsible for its production. Most golf clubs are produced in collaboration with partner factories located in Japan and abroad.

For example, the majority of titanium drivers today are made in manufacturing plants in China and Taiwan. As for shafts, most custom shafts are made by Japanese manufacturers, but increasingly more are being manufactured in other Asian countries recently. And while steel shafts are primarily made in the US, there are many produced in other countries such as Japan as well.

Many manufacturers have their own factories, but in most cases, they are assembling parts manufactured at partner factories. They can more readily respond to orders while controlling the quality of their products by conducting this process in-house. This is also the case internationally. For example, an American manufacturer may have the clubhead made in China, the shaft made in Japan, and the assembly done in Mexico. This is quite a story of large scale when considering a golf club is made through traveling around the world, obtaining cooperation globally.

As such, the role of partner factories is pivotal in golf club manufacturing. PROTO-CONCEPT has been moving forward its project with a manufacturing company possessing the world’s finest forging technology. It would have been unusual for the company to work with a small-scale manufacturer like us, but PROTO-CONCEPT’s idea of “incorporating all the functions, materials, and techniques conceivable at the moment” in small lots fortunately resonated with them.

The C01D driver is equipped with the QUATTRO FORGED FACE, a forged cup face that creates a complex wall thickness from a high-strength titanium round bar in a single forging process to deliver rebound as designed. The manufacturing method of embedding soft iron with titanium when in a rod and then forged as a single piece to produce the C01 iron is a process patented by this manufacturing plant. These extraordinary technologies remain unrivaled.

Furthermore, the high-precision forging process allows to manufacture products with very deviations between finished products. In general, there is a lot of room for manual labor in golf clubs, and as an industrial product, the tolerances tend to be large. However, this high level of precision allows us to achieve coefficient of repulsion that is just barely legal and strict control of the center of gravity.

I believe that we, PROTO-CONCEPT, have great advantage in terms of manufacturing for these reasons. Now we need to incorporate our innovative design concepts and materialize our ideas, and hope to express them in the form of golf clubs.

PROTO-CONCEPT Brand Producer
Yasufumi Kawasaki