Fitting performance that aligns with
the trend for increased distance

In the past few years, PGA Tour players have accelerated their pace in gaining distance. Players have become more athletic and their swings have evolved to produce more power in order to drive further distance, in addition to improvements in gear performance.

A well-known example is Bryson DeChambeau, who successfully bulked up significantly in a short time span. The world’s top players including Brooks Koepka, Jon Rahm, and Rory McIlroy also have the edge in the game as they hit distances that easily exceed 320 yards.

Even under challenging pro tour conditions, you may continue to have advantage if you can drive distance. Once you are set with the direction, you will have definite advantage because there is a difference in distance between playing with regular tees and full backswing. Directionality is ensured by drivers today featuring large clubheads and large moments of inertia. By using gear that provide straight hits, professionals can generate more power and achieve both distance and direction.

As pro tours in general have increasingly become more distance-oriented, more players are also working on gaining distance. A typical example is Phil Mickelson. Mickelson has never been the type to drive as much distance, but through following the latest training theories, he has physically trained himself and fine-tuned his swing to be more rational and powerful.

What is even more unique is his choice of clubs. Mickelson aims to increase his head speed by using a long shaft that is very close to the legal limit, and he uses a low-spin head with a 6-degree loft angle like a long-drive player to further gain distance. He is an extraordinary player in that apart from a driver that carries distance, he includes a mini-driver that allows him to keep the fairway more in his golf bag. That is a club setup that is both aggressive and defensive.

Amateur golfers like myself would like to join in on this trend of gaining distance, if possible. However, given the gap between PGA tour professionals, who are supernatural in both technique and physical capability, and the rest of us ordinary golfers has widened than even before, it is not always realistic to refer to them.

For example, the combination of a low loft angle head and a long shaft like Mickelson’s requires a stable swing and fitting of the shaft’s return of flex. For amateurs, this is likely to be a risky driver, where the slightest difference can result in a large slant.

Amateurs need different functions than professionals. And I believe there is a way to select clubs that will effectively improve distance. With this in mind, PROTO-CONCEPT has developed the C01D in pursuit of the functions necessary for more golfers to gain distance.

In addition to high initial velocity performance, PROTO-CONCEPT focused on improving distance by designing a unique center of gravity that provides low spin, a heavy clubhead, and a strong liner trajectory. In addition to this, the C01D also has excellent fitting performance to match with its user and possesses versatility to be used with any shaft. The result is a highly functional driver that can be used by amateurs and professionals alike to unleash their full potential when specifications are appropriately selected. Discovering your specification should bring out more of your potential.

PROTO-CONCEPT Brand Producer
Yasufumi Kawasaki