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A progressive gap wedge




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Number #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 PW GW
Loft(°) 22 25 28 32 36 40 45 50
Lie(°) 60.5 61 61.5 62 62.5 63 63.5 63.5
Bounce(°) 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
FP(mm) 3.8 3.9 4.0 4.0 4.2 4.4 4.6 4.6
FACE: SAE8655 Nickel Chromium Molybdenum Steel 
BODY:Carbon steel (S20C)
Nickel Chrome Plating, Satin Finish

C05TP Technology

3D CAD technology strategically positioned the center of gravity (CG) of each C05TP iron

The previous C05 irons were highly evaluated by the world’s top players and the team and 3D CAD technology modified the CG in each iron. This strategic design moves the placement of the CG throughout the set. The long irons are now easier to hit with the perfect launch and the scoring irons with the precise trajectory and spin.

C05TP irons are stable at impact but possess maneuverability and the repositioned sweet spot ensures pinpoint accuracy. The set includes a #4 iron through gap wedge (GW) that provides forgiveness and the overall specifications progress through each iron.


The newly designed head construction provides enhanced feel

The SAE8655 chrome molybdenum steel face with high-level stiffness has been drastically redesigned. The newly designed C05TP face is engineered to produce bounce and improve feel, a challenge with its predecessor. No resin or other materials were used, so only the crisp feel of viscous metal can be felt at impact.

While maintaining the classic half-cavity clubhead size with astute maneuverability, the composite structure with a soft iron body encourages accuracy, forgiveness, and distance.

C05TP Technology

A new trajectory concept in response to requests from tour professionals

In response from TOUR professionals, the trajectory of the entire C05TP iron set has been significantly improved. For the mid irons and higher irons, the launch angle has been boosted to promote more spin and improve the ability to stop the ball on the green. The shorter irons are engineered to deliver distance without flying the ball too high.

The sole shape and CG were modified to update the shape. Now, the sole interaction promotes direction and spin.

A progressive Gap Wedge (GW)

A GW iron is included in the C05TP set and is positioned below the pitching wedge (PW), with a loft of 50 degrees. To hit from a variety of lies, they are designed for the face to open easily, and a complex sole grind to generate increased spin.



The Art of Combo-ing for Performance and Style. 

PROTOCONCEPT Golf makes it easy for all golfers to mix iron models for better play.

C05TP Forged Iron


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