Center of gravity characteristics with superior fitting

So many different models of drivers are released from club manufacturers every year. Major manufacturers seek to have as many golfers use their clubs, so while they have a target audience, their products are designed to generally be suited for everyone. A club that garners positive reviews from many is also a club that suits many as well.

Conversely, even if a club possesses niche features not suited for everyone and is not well received in the market, it can perform better if used by a very compatible golfer. What is fascinating about golf clubs is that a club that is not good for many people can be one of the best for some, just as there are a few people who are passionate about foods with very distinctive flavors. Thus, a club with excellent reviews is not necessarily a good choice for all.

There are increasingly more tour pros who are free agents in terms of clubs. This is because they want to choose from a large plethora of clubs and not constrain themselves to a certain brand. First, they find a head that has the performance they seek, and then fit it to suit them. Many professionals go through a variety of trial and error even during the season.

In other words, the key to choosing the right club is to choose a club that is right for you. Ideally, there should be a good balance between bringing out the player’s performance and encouraging to improve. A great club improves your swing in addition to your game.

PROTO-CONCEPT driver, the C01D, is a head that provides superior ball launch and trajectory. The driver was engineered with the assumption that the head's drive performance is leveraged through selecting a shaft that provides good timing of hits and makes the swing easier. In addition to the weight and hardness of the shaft, you would also want to be particular on its length. Your choices and combinations in that sense will make a big difference in maneuverability.

Such process may sound complex to some of you, but no worries. The C01D's unique center of gravity design pursues ease of swing, great maneuverability, and excellent bite of the ball, together with possessing straightforward characteristics that stabilize the head during swings and generally pair well with any shaft. With the addition of its capability to adjust the ball trajectory with weights and sleeves, the C01D is also a driver with excellent fitting that makes customization easy.

If you consult with your craftsman and choose the appropriate shaft and specifications, I think you will be able to bring out the potentials the C01D has. PROTO-CONCEPT aimed to create a driver that is not a “hit or miss” in that sense. If you can get your hands on this ultimate driver, it may end up being a better deal than having to purchase multiple drivers.

PROTO-CONCEPT Brand Producer
Yasufumi Kawasaki