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Article: Combo iron sets that together pursue performance

Combo iron sets that together pursue performance

Combo iron sets that together pursue performance

Combo iron sets that
together pursue performance

The ultimate role of iron sets is to deliver distance somewhat evenly. Like how there is a term called "distance gaps," golf is about getting closer to the pin by adjusting the distance of your shots through by changing clubs accordingly. Therefore, if you can anticipate and adjust distances, irons fulfill their roles.

But regardless, the market is flooded with so many irons. The reason for this is that, in addition to their basic function of adjusting distance, is they are tailoring to the diverse needs of golfers, including driving their shots further, increasing ball flight, or getting more forgiveness.

In that sense, there is an extensive array of different performance anticipated from irons. It would be about balancing between conflicting performances, such as wanting to drive distance but land the ball on the green, or seeking mis-hit forgiveness together with good swing-through. Consequently, for some irons, the original function of providing stable distance gaps is being neglected in exchange for their pursuit to deliver distance.

Anyway, iron combo sets are designed to contribute greatly in fulfilling the various performance requirements of irons. Combo sets combine different models to form an iron set. Some tour pros have played with iron combo sets for a long time.

A very well-known example is Tiger Woods, who became the youngest winner of the Masters in 1997. He toured with a combo set comprising MP-29 for his 2 to 4-irons and MP-14 for his 5-iron to PW. It is said that Tiger combined different iron models in order to have a consistent offset that is visible when addressing.

Many PGA Tour professionals choose different models only for shorter irons. Justin Thomas has a cavity back for his 4-iron only for his otherwise muscleback combo set. Brooks Koepka has changed his iron set annually in recent years, but has stayed with his favorite cavity back 3-iron for the past few years. The aim of iron combo sets is to choose the right iron number according to the performance the player seeks.

PROTOCONCEPT has designed the C01.5, a hybrid of a long iron, in addition to its four iron models, while anticipating them to be a combo set. Of course, while they are excellent used as a set, they can be easily form customized sets. For example, a more forgiving model can be chosen for the long iron when you are looking for more height.

The head size, FP value, loft angle setting, and the shape when addressing are all engineered based on a precise design concept so that users will not feel discomfort when hitting with the irons in their combo set. Rather than merely being a range of irons, the PROTOCONCEPT brand offers combinations best suited for each golfer.

Combo sets are only available at locations offering PROTOCONCEPT products and not available online, so I wish you the best with coming across a combo set that suits you by consulting with experienced craftsmen.

Yasufumi Kawasaki

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