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Warranty Terms and Conditions

Warranty Terms and Conditions

1.(Our Warranty Policy)

Our guarantee of quality is limited to items that have been damaged or malfunctioned within the warranty period due to defects in manufacturing or parts, despite the product being used in accordance with the product instruction manual and under normal conditions.
This warranty is valid only in USA.

2.(Warranty Period)

The warranty period is two years from the date of purchase.
The warranty period begins on the date of purchase. Make sure your date and store of purchase are indicated on the purchasing receipt at your time of purchase. If you purchased the product from the official online store, the receipt included with the product will serve as proof of the date and store of purchase.

3.(Acceptance of Warranty Repairs)

In the event the product is damaged or becomes defective within the warranty period, please take it to the place of purchase with the warranty card attached.
If you purchased from the official online store, please contact the following warranty repair service and send the product using the method specified by the service. If the product is covered by the warranty, shipping costs will be covered.

[Warranty Repair Service]

Smiling Duck inc.
14252 Culver Dr, A-901, Irvine, CA, 92604
Please send your information by email at

4.(Warranty Repair Service Contents)

PROTO-CONCEPT will repair or replace the part free of charge according to the Brand’s evaluation standards.
However, fees shall apply in the event it is determined that the product is not covered by the warranty.

5.(What the Warranty Does Not Cover)

The warranty does not apply even during the warranty period for the following cases:
(1) If the warranty card is not attached;
(2)If the prescribed information necessary on the warranty card is missing (except for purchases made through the official online store and attached with a receipt issued by the store), or if the contents have been rewritten;
(3) If the product was purchased from a third party other than an authorized retailer. (This includes online auctions and transfers from third parties);
(4) If the product has been assembled, modified (head machining, reshafting, etc.), or repaired by anyone other than an authorized retailer;
(5) In the event of damage or malfunction caused by handling that is contrary to the handling methods and precautions described on the product or its instructions manual, etc.;
(6)If the product is used excessively more frequently or on more occasions than expected, inadequately cared for, subjected to excessive impact, or improperly handled by the customer; and
(7)In the event of an accident, fire, earthquake, flood, lightning strike or other natural disaster.

6.(Product Pickup)

If you do not pick up or receive products for which repairs have been completed or products that have been kept for repairs but not repaired or parts replaced due to non-warranty or other reasons within six (6) months from the date we contacted you regarding the return (including cases where we do not receive notification due to your circumstances), we shall deem you have abandoned your ownership of the product and we may dispose of it in any way. In this case, you shall bear the cost of storage and disposal.

7.(Reissuance of Warranty Card)

The warranty card will not be reissued in case of loss.