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Article: Lydia Ko Wins Four Titles for the Season-Returns to World #1

Lydia Ko Wins Four Titles for the Season-Returns to World #1

Lydia Ko Wins Four Titles for the Season-Returns to World #1

Lydia Ko Wins Four Titles for the Season!
Returns to World No. 1

In the 2022 season, Lydia Ko regained the No. 1 spot in the world rankings after demonstrating consistent strength throughout the year, including three victories in the season. She has won four titles, including highest earning, the lowest stroke count, LPGA Player of the Year and CME Globe Points.

From the beginning of the season, Ko chose PROTOCONCEPT irons ("C05" and "C07") not yet under contract at that time, and this lead to her triumph this season. As their manufacturers, we are very proud that she demonstrated her outstanding shot-making skills to the fullest extent with PROTOCONCEPT.

I think Ko's extraordinary performance primarily brings two meanings.
First is her regaining as the top player from a slump. Needless to say, reigning as the top player of the world, even for a brief moment, is daunting. Ko became the No. 1 ranked player in the world at the age of 17 and had already attained many accomplishments in her teenage years.

And even once a player has reached the top, it is more than challenging to sustain that peak period. This especially applies to female athletes. Many struggle as they become unable to adapt to changing circumstances, including changes in technique, physical condition and the environment in which they are placed.
While some players end their careers that way, Ko has made an impressive comeback, regaining the top of the world rankings again for the first time in five and a half years. This gives courage to the many players trying to resurge.

Another is that Ko, who possesses very strict and sensitive sensibility for clubs, chose PROTOCONCEPT irons that were not yet well-known worldwide and achieved outstanding results.
During the course of the 2021 season, Ko tested more than 100 iron sets from various manufacturers, carefully checking a wide range of factors including distance, launch angle and spin, as well as repeatability and ballistic uniformity. And PROTOCONCEPT was what she ultimately selected.

Ko's insatiable demand for clubs and her willingness to choose even models from lesser-known and upstart manufacturers without judging if they meet those demands is remarkable.
Furthermore, her ability to build outstanding performance for herself from this is a testament to her acuity in selecting clubs. She won as early as the second tour after adding PROTOCONCEPT into her golf bag setup.
She sets a great example of how difficult and important it is for professionals to choose the right clubs.

Her success also greatly boosted confidence for the manufacturing of PROTOCONCEPT. This relationship led to our signing of a contract last April, and Ko will continue to compete with PROTOCONCEPT for the 2023 season.
What kind of success will we see from the resurrected Ko, who has gained further strength as the queen? We can’t help but already look forward.

Yasufumi Kawasaki

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IRVINE, Calif. (February 19, 2023) – World No. 1 Lydia Ko won the Saudi Ladies International using PROTOCONCEPT irons at the Royal Greens Golf & Country Club in Saudi Arabia.

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