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Introducing a new way to select clubs:
Choose by playing style, not skill level

forged iron club

It has been said that golf clubs should be selected based on the golfer’s swing, skill level and strength.
However, club specifications may vary due to mass production of clubs by major manufacturers. Because the head weight and specifications remain uneven as they are assembled as a club in some cases, there will be some club numbers that ‘cannot be hit well’. There may be many golfers who have had the experience of losing overall balance after trying with a club number that cannot be hit well and ended up not hitting well with their other clubs.

“Is it possible to create irons in which golfers can choose and be satisfied with based on their playing and golfing styles regardless of their swings, skill levels or physical strengths?”

Sublimating and materializing such inspiration, this club is traditional and simple in appearance but demonstrates advanced performance.As such, a fourth type of club that proposes a new way to select clubs was crafted.

Four head types that connect the particulars and ideals

forged iron club

Golfers demand an array of performances for irons, including maneuverability, feel, sound, distance, and forgiveness of mis-hits.
These performances cannot be aggregated into a single model. This is because some are conflicting.
How the club appears when it is in the bag and the proud feeling of ownership are also important features of a golf club.
Irons that satisfy sense of ownership cannot be crafted by pursuing functionality alone.

The PROTO-CONCEPT FORGED IRONS were designed by golf club designer Mr. Yasuharu Miyagi.
The answers to these issues are packed into four head types.
Crafting “Golf clubs capable of meeting the needs of discerning golfers, no matter which performance they place importance on.”
Here are the unmatched irons born from such thoughts of their creator.


Product Features

The heads use the best technology available at the moment, and designed so that the performances and shapes of the four heads are designed to be gently connected. In addition to their maneuverability and distance, their feel and sound are also linked. The four models can be mixed and matched and be set up according to your preference.

Soft iron forging is used for all heads in order to achieve these features. The high-precision soft iron forging process is essential in pursuing advanced performance while linking the performances of each model and attaining exceptional feel, including when hitting.
Whether your first priority is forgiveness for mis-hits or maneuverability, you will want to be particular about the feel. These irons are engineered with unprecedented design that allows you to choose the model that best attains your ideal while still being particular on this feature.

The irons are like sedans equipped with racy engines.
They satisfy those who seek the performance of a sports car while still cruising with comfort.
Of course, they also satisfy those who are looking for the performance of sedans.
These are the only irons that attains both your particulars and ideals.


Innovative forged irons crafted by
PROTO-CONCEPT cater to all golfing stylesSearch no more for the answer you were looking for.



An evolved, game-changing muscleback with single forging



A cavity back with precision-forged design using only soft iron



Tour pocket cavity iron with enhanced distance and straight-line performance



Pocket cavity iron with satisfying feel that prioritizes distance and softness

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