The performance of welded faces
trusted by touring professionals

What is frequently debated among golf gear enthusiasts is whether single-material irons provide better feel. For example, some argue a one-piece, soft iron forged iron offers better feel than an iron with a welded face. There certainly is such tendency, which is why there is unwavering popularity of soft iron forged irons that are also known as one-piece irons.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for performance, for example, to drive more distance or have more mis-hit forgiveness, a composite structure is inarguably more advantageous. However, there are some features compromised by this in exchange, especially the feel and sound when hitting the ball.

PROTO-CONCEPT irons leverage both the advantages of single-material and composite structure irons. If you want to enjoy pure feel delivered by soft iron, the C03 is the best choice. But there is also the C01, a muscleback with titanium inside, that provides performance not found in single-material musclebacks while delivering feel and sound that are superior to that of single-material musclebacks.

Special attention is also paid to the C05 and C07 that feature soft iron forged bodies and tough SAE8655 chrome molybdenum steel faces. They are pocket cavity irons with a composite structure created by welding the so-called faces together, but various technologies have been incorporated to not compromise feel.

The C05 and C07 have faces with unique thickness deviation, aligned with their respective concepts. The tour pocket cavity C05 is slightly thicker to deliver enhanced feel. The C07, designed to provide more bounce and distance, features a face with 3-level thickness deviation. For both models, the lower part of the face is thicker and becomes thinner toward the top blade in order to improve on the mediocre feel and sound when hitting that are often associated with irons with faces welded.

Actually, these aren't the only secrets in these irons. As a result of many innovations, PROTO-CONCEPT achieved excellent ball retention and soft feel when hitting the ball that are difficult to attain with composite structure irons, making them comfortable to use and easier to control the ball. If you have the opportunity, experience firsthand the difference from other irons with faces welded.

In addition to distance, the C05 iron has been chosen by many professionals for the superior performance it offers in terms of feel and feeling. Notably, USLPGA Tour players without equipment contracts have successively started to switch to C05.

Angel Yin and Tiffany Chan use the C01 muscleback, while Amy Yang and Haeji Kang are players who have improved their games by using the C05.
Recently, Lindy Duncan has become a new PROTO-CONCEPT user with her selection of a combo setting with the C05 and C03. Duncan now uses a wedge from PROTO-CONCEPT as well.

It's fantastic to see that our composite irons are being chosen by players on intensely competitive tours who want to lower their scores by even one stroke. Experience the feel and sound that satisfy the selective eyes of professional golfers.

PROTO-CONCEPT Brand Producer
Yasufumi Kawasaki