The sole bounce effect
sought by golfers

It has been more than 20 years since sand wedges has been sold as single products rather than part of an iron set. Today, all manufacturers offer a lineup of varying sole grinds to cater to the needs of golfers.

Why are there so many kinds of sole shapes in the lineup, such as narrow and wide sole widths, thick soles and, conversely, soles with large backward cuts? This is because each player, as well as each lie and conditions, call for different sole bounce effects.

For a golfer who is not good at bunkers or seeks forgiveness in approaches, the theory recommends choosing a club with a large bounce angle and wide sole. For an advanced player who wants to hit with the face open, the bounce should not obstruct when opened.

These diversified needs of golfers have led to an increase in the variety of wedge sole shapes. Many golfers may find it difficult to choose from the many variations available. This is because not many amateur golfers understand which kind of sole is necessary for them.

Many tour pros further shave the sole from its original shape to customize to their preferences. They fine-tune the sole shape to accentuate the function they want to enhance, such as not having the bounce get in the way when the face is open. Even with such a wide variety of shapes available, the pros are still not satisfied and pursue their preferred way of the ball hitting the sole. This speaks to the depth of the wedge as a tool.

If manufacturers were to pursue each golfer’s preference, there would need to be infinite variations of sole shapes. Furthermore, the sole bounce effect required will be different for each shot because lies and conditions vary. From this perspective, the difficulties of choosing the right sole shape are not without reason.

PROTO-CONCEPT has integrated the infinite variations of wedges’ sole bounce into three types. These three sole shapes have been developed through our analysis of the extensive swing types of golfers of various skill levels and cover all these types.

In the actual development phase, only the functions that were truly necessary for ball control were kept and the rest were stripped away. PROTO-CONCEPT’S FORGED WEDGE models were designed based on a completely different concept from conventional concepts of other manufacturers that only increased sole shape variations in demand.

The STANDARD, with its orthodox shape and excellent maneuverability, is actually the model with the largest sole bounce effect out of the three wedge models. This model is a great match for golfers with hands ahead of the ball and have a more acute angle of incidence. Its shape allows users to experience forgiveness on the bounce more, which is effective on deep roughs and soft bunkers.

The WIDE SOLE model is crafted into a shape that allows golfers to feel forgiveness with its more gradual angle of incidence. The composite design of the sole width and height, together with the “R” sole developed through PROTO-CONCEPT’s research, create a sole bounce effect that delivers a sliding feel on the ground.

The CUT DOWN model features a bold grind design, leaving only the sole bounce that would be effective. The unique shape of the sole suppresses the feel of the sole hitting the ball and does not increase bounce even when the face is open, making it a good match for players who hit with an open face and make full use of their various techniques.

The material is intentionally in forged soft iron and finished with high precision to minimize individual differences. This is because there would be no meaning to have individual differences in the sole shape designed after much effort.
The FORGED WEDGE was engineered from PROTO-CONCEPT’s proprietary sole bounce theory. The more you use this wedge, the more you will appreciate its excellent functions.

PROTO-CONCEPT Brand Producer
Yasufumi Kawasaki