An invigorating and uplifting feel
for golfers when striking the ball

Club development, tour support, and club sales today would not be complete without golf launch monitors. After the trajectory of the ball is measured and clubs are developed to those that deliver better results, users choose the one that carries more distance.

At PROTO-CONCEPT, the development concept was to attain good results with the launch meter, as well as go beyond and deliver even better performance. This is because simply displaying good results when measured by a machine does not make it a superior tool for use by humans.

An example would be our attention to the head shape. Back when there were persimmon golf clubs, golfers paid much attention to the subtle shape, and even the wood grains. Professional golfers used to sharpen the heads in detail until they achieve their desired shape. In comparison, golfers today may not be as concerned with shape, but head shape nevertheless plays an important role in determining both the anticipated trajectory and actual trajectory quality.

Our driver, the C01D, has a unique high-back shape that pursues ease of swing, operability and ease of capturing the ball. Because it is easy to swing through the ball, head speed naturally increases, making it easier to create a solid impact that pushes after the ball is hit. This results in a strong and low trajectory.

The C01D's design concept is to achieve a powerful and low trajectory that achieves distance and direction when actually on the course, and not just those measured in the hitting room. This is made possible by the QUATTRO FORGED FACE, a forged titanium cup face crafted with patented technology and a proprietary center of gravity setting.

The QUATTRO FORGED FACE is produced by incorporating extraordinary technology that other companies cannot even imagine—it forms a complex face wall thickness according to the designed value in a single forging process from a round bar of high-strength titanium. This achieves high rebound performance just barely conforming to the rules, without taking away the margin for coefficient of restitution.

And what we want golfers to experience even more is the feel achieved from its forged titanium cup face. The solid feel that bites into the face and bounce that anticipates high initial velocity create a comfortable yet powerful feel.

Drivers with carbon in the face have been a hot topic in 2022, and we feel that golfers' attention to the face material would positively affect us as well. The invigoration that QUATTRO FORGED FACE delivers will lift the golfer's spirits each time the ball is hit and boosts confidence when swinging, inevitably gaining more distance.

PROTO-CONCEPT Brand Producer
Yasufumi Kawasaki