The difference between custom golf clubs and “display rack” clubs

Thanks to our contract with Lydia Ko, PROTO-CONCEPT is gradually being better known among golfers. Many people came all the way to try our clubs when we participating in a large test-hitting event. We are very thankful.

There, one of the questions we were often asked was what the difference is between so-called major manufacturers and custom golf club manufacturers like PROTO-CONCEPT. It is true that most of the information disseminated in the media is from major manufacturers, and small manufacturers like us do not have much presence. The comparison itself may be unusual.

These leading manufacturers are also called national brands. They literally roll out on a nationwide scale and market a much larger product mix and quantity of golf clubs. Lately, international manufacturers with larger scale global operations have become the mainstream in the Japanese market. The lineup has expanded and sales volumes have increased by drastic levels.

These large manufacturers will need to sell big in numbers. Therefore, they mainly market finished products that can be sold quickly in stores. Their mainstay clubs will be those with standard shafts compatible with those models and more likely to match with everyone. These clubs are commonly referred to as "display rack" clubs because they are hung on display racks in stores.

On the other hand, PROTO-CONCEPT does not offer "display rack" clubs. In most cases at stores with PROTO-CONCEPT products available, you will be fitted, select a head and shaft that suit you, and purchase a combination of them. It is custom club manufacturers like us who handpick the parts and customize the clubs to better suit your swing and play style.

Of course, clubs from major manufacturers also have their advantages. For example, delivery time is fast because they can be purchased immediately on the spot. They are less likely to be hit-or-miss because they are made for everyone. Another benefit is they tend to be inexpensive compared to custom clubs.

The advantage of custom clubs, on the other hand, is it can be set up to bring out more of the club and player's potentials. Many golfers have had the experience of feeling changes in trajectory and comfort level of their swings when they changed shaft type. A single piece of lead tape can also improve results. Combined with that player’s swing, even a small adjustment can change the performance of the club dramatically.

Being able to bring out the part's performance and improve performance is what is appealing about custom clubs. You will find yourself surprised at how much the clubs match you if you consult with an authorized PROTO-CONCEPT dealer.

PROTO-CONCEPT Brand Producer
Yasufumi Kawasaki