Forging attained through pursuing the best that can be imagined today

PROTO-CONCEPT is a brand that places particular focus on the forging process. While considering other manufacturing methods and continually researching, of course, forging is incorporated in all our products in various forms as a result of pursuing the brand’s concept of utilizing the best technology and materials that can be imagined today.

For wedges, for example, many leading models from major international manufacturers incorporate casting. Many golfers may feel that casting is appropriate for wedges, given tour pros who are very particular about their gear often use cast wedges. Meanwhile, some say that “soft iron forging” is a myth and there are no performance benefits. Is this really true?

The main reason why casting is incorporated by major manufacturers is that it is apt for mass production with enhanced consistency. In comparison, the forging process demands significant costs for machining allowance, and club shape tends to be affected by the quality of the manual polishing process.

However, there are differences among forging processes. PROTO-CONCEPT products are made by a manufacturing company with the world's most advanced forging technology, and crafted very precisely with very few individual differences, far exceeding the standards of general forging processes. We offer the same quality of clubs that tour pros actually use to the general public.

Previously, craftsmen competed with one other in the polishing process for soft-iron forging to determine their quality of skills. It requires many years to develop skilled craftsmen, and only those blessed with talent and experience become worthy enough to be called masters. Given this kind of individualistic manufacturing made mass production impossible, casting naturally became the mainstream.

PROTO-CONCEPT produces stable products with high-precision forging technology that requires little machining allowance. Among the many advantages of forging, the main attraction is that the metal structure becomes denser and creates soft and more responsive feel. Shapes can also be clearly delineated, which better reproduces master models.

We are convinced this manufacturing method was the only way to commercialize the ultimate sole bounce attained from extensive research. When you actually use it, you will experience soft and more responsive feel, crisp hitting sound, and reassurance from the shape that allows you to better picture ball control.

PROTO-CONCEPT Brand Producer
Yasufumi Kawasaki